William Martin is President of the United States when Theresa Sullivan becomes a young adult. He attempts to have Theresa and HAL killed through the use of an atomic bomb. Theresa says of President Martin:

I'd learned that somebody with eloquence may not have seen his powers of understanding receive any aid from education. Ignorance and deficiency of mental improvement could still remain. There's some quirk in their personality that keeps them from becoming wise. The President gave great orations, but he was a babe in the woods when it came to dealing with me.[1]

Role in the Story Edit

William Martin is sworn in when Theresa is a senior in high school.[2] He disbands the OOPS watchers, and tells Jan through executive order not to talk about Theresa to anyone ever again.[3] Soon afterward, Jan Struthers disappears, and there is fear that President Martin may dislike the idea of Theresa and HAL running free.

When Theresa turns 18, President Martin declares her a "clear and present danger to the United States," and that "one person could not be allowed to endanger three hundred million Americans."[4] She is soon kidnapped, placed in a remote-controlled F-22, and shot from the USS Ronald Reagan to be detonated at 60,000 feet by an atomic bomb.

Martin later announced the execution to the United States on television, saying, "We could not wait until this alien was as likely to be involved in hostile activities as friendly."[5] However, a video of Theresa giving her last words is sent out, which embarrasses the president.[6] Soon afterward, President Martin commits suicide.[7] Theresa explains later that Martin thought he was doing good, and killed himself when he realized he had erred greatly.[8]

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