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The University Curriculum Coordinator is an unknown, unnamed individual who Norman Boutin claimed read the paperback version of Empress Theresa, finished the book in one night, said it was well written, and gave it to her 37-year old daughter.[1] Norman cited this person as an example of why his critics were wrong, and that his book was going places.

In a conversation on Amazon, however, Norman was pressed to explain who this person was, or what university she belonged to. He refused several times, and was accused of making the story up. He began to refer to the charge as a "story,"[2] which led many to believe that this coordinator was just part of Norman's many lies. To this day, Norman has not substantiated this story, nor has he identified just who this coordinator was.

However, repeated requests for this information hasn't stopped him from trotting this claim[3]. Most recently, he paired it with a claim of a woman, who Norman describes as "a janitor," also read the book and loved it so much she bought it and asked Norman to autograph it for her.