USS Ronald Reagan at sea. Note the lack of F-22's.

The USS Ronald Reagan is a Nimitz-class, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in service to the United States navy since 2003.[1] It is named after an American president of the same name. It's motto is "Peace Through Strength."

In Norman Boutin's Empress Theresa, the USS Ronald Reagan is where Theresa's execution takes place. Theresa is taken there and paraded before the captain and his officers. Afterward, she is strapped into an F-22 Raptor armed with an atomic bomb, and sent up into the air via remote control.

In Empress Theresa, the ship is captained by Admiral Ruck.[2]

Problems Edit

Raptors are not present on the USS Ronald Reagan; Super Hornets are.[3][4] The F-22 actually lacks the capability to be launched from an aircraft carrier. It wasn't designed for the task and should there even be a way for the catapult to be connected, it would tear the front landing gear off when activated.

It is also unclear why the USS Ronald Reagan is chosen for a mission that will occur in the Atlantic - there are aircraft carriers stationed closer that could have likewise served as Theresa's launching pad (five of them at Naval Station Norfolk alone).[5]

References Edit

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