The Twenty-Something Guy is an unnamed, unknown individual referenced to by Norman Boutin in a Catholic Answers Forum post.[1]

According to Norman's post, the "twenty-something guy" had been asking about Empress Theresa for weeks, and wanted to share it with his girlfriend. Norman promised to sell the book for $6 from a bulk order he had placed. Some time after, the man told Norman that he had seen the book on Amazon, but that he hadn't noticed the negative reviews. He apparently wasn't interested in the reviews "because he had already talked to somebody else at work who bought the KINDLE edition a long time ago." Norman used this fact to gloat against his critics.

Like the university curriculum coordinator and the janitor woman, the existence of this individual is questionable. It seems hard to believe that someone would be that adamant to read the book. It also seems unlikely that someone wouldn't notice Amazon reviews, given that the collective score of said reviews can be found right next to the product's name on the Amazon page, and even by then Empress Theresa had received several negative reviews.

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