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Tommy Kearns is a friend and neighbor of Theresa Sullivan (living four doors down from her[1]), and an avid baseball player. He is ten-years old at the beginning of the story, like Theresa herself.

Role in the Story[]

After discovering that HAL has given her a keen sense of targeting, Theresa remembers that Tommy often throws baseball with his friends. She goes over to his house, and they take turns throwing the ball. Every single time she throws, Theresa hits right at Tommy's chest. Even at thirty feet, Theresa continues to hit dead on.

Tommy's father comes out, having noticed just how good Theresa was, and starts throwing with her. Even at forty feet, Theresa continues to hit dead on. When they quit for the day, Tommy's father comments that Theresa is so good "she might pitch for the Red Sox."[2]

After this, Tommy is never heard about in the story again.


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