According to Norman, philosophy is what makes Empress Theresa exceptional among all other books. However, philosophy is a just an element in any great story, along with plot, characters, setting and themes. As usual, he acts as if he is the first author to think to include such a thing in their work.

According to Norman,

Philosophy is about the trascendental. So here we are living in these fragile bodies that will die sometimetime. Is that all there is? Philosophy considers the afterlife and what we must do to get it.
As some critics pointed out, the afterlife is just one topic within metaphysics, which is the non-scientific study of the nature of reality. According to Wikipedia, other core areas include:

  • Aesthetics, the study of beauty and ugliness.
  • Epistemology, the study of the nature of belief and knowledge.
  • Ethics, the study of what is right or wrong.
  • Logic, the study of the veracity or falsehood of arguments through reason.

As such, critics brought up examples of philosophers who dealt with areas other than metaphysics or the afterlife. Norman chose Ayn Rand from the list and pointed out that she was an atheist, so that in his view her philosophy was a dead end.

The Four Cornerstones of Theresa's Philosophy Edit

The site enlists four quotes that summarize Theresa's (and hence Boutin's) beliefs.

  • "We're lost in this confusing world unless we follow the directions of its Maker." This represents Boutin's conviction that humankind needs theism, the religious belief in supernatural deities, to keep order.
  • "As a believer I was sure I was immortal and that gave me courage."
  • "I did everything correctly. In this world perfection isn't good enough." The philosophy that this sentence represents is unclear.
  • "I'm very simple. I follow my conscience. I am what I do. If you think that's easy, try it for one day." This sentence reflects moral sense theory, which judges actions by looking at our emotional and instinctive reactions to them.


  • From Norman's posts in Ben Willoughby's review, approx 22 August, 2015
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