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Like many people who have egomania but no impressive talents, lying is an unfortunate tactic used by Norman Boutin in his interaction with critics. Being a gutless coward, he also employs censorship in order to hide his more embarrassing posts, such as deleting his own comments on Amazon. Because of this, some of his critics on Amazon have taken to receiving email notifications for new comments on reviews, in order to see the original wording of Norman's posts.


Below are examples of lies Norman Boutin has told, or lies he was caught telling.

  • Norman Boutin, who claims to love the military, called one of his critics a coward. As it so happens, that critic happened to have served in the navy, hence Norman had called a navy veteran a coward. When he was called out on this, Norman Boutin deleted his original comments and acted as if his critics were making up the charge.[1]
  • Norman Boutin regularly made the claim that a "university curriculum coordinator" had read Empress Theresa in one sitting, loved it, and gave it to her 37-year old daughter to read.[2] Eventually critics pressed Norman Boutin to either name the coordinator, or at the very least name the university for which she worked. Norman Boutin continued to deflect and avoid the question, deleted some of his comments mentioning her, then began to call it a "story." This suggested to some that it had never happened. To this day, Norman Boutin has not validated whether or not a "university curriculum coordinator" really did read and love his book.[3] At one point, when someone pressed him to stop dancing around the question, Norman Boutin simply replied, "Aw shut up!"[4]
  • A long, detailed response to one of Norman Boutin's Amazon comments was written by an Amazon user named Michael McFarlane.[5] According to Amazon's timecode, it was written "Mar 5, 2015 11:00:19 AM PST," and last edited "Mar 5, 2015 11:06:26 AM PST." Norman Boutin made a general post afterward, defending Theresa's moral character against critics who said she behaved improperly.[6] Norman Boutin then claimed in a follow up response that McFarlane had "changed paragraph 5 of that post" to "delete the material" about Theresa's immoral character, saying that it had been refuted in his last post.[7] However, Norman Boutin's post was written "Mar 5, 2015 2:41:00 PM PST" and last edited at "Mar 5, 2015 2:51:08 PM PST" (again, according to Amazon time stamps). This proves Boutin's accusation was a lie; McFarlane's last edit came nearly four hours before Norman's post - how could have McFarlane changed it afterward? Amazon users were quick to call him out on this.[8][9][10] In the end, Norman could do little but repeat "internet trolls are scum" ad nauseum[11] (these comments were later deleted by Amazon, for obvious reasons).
  • On 15 March 2015, Boutin made a non sequitur reference to Charles Dickens's A Tale Of Two Cities, attempting to make some kind of point about "internet trolls", and ended, with his typical humility, "Dickens would be proud of me." He was immediately taken to task for this by several other commenters, to one of whom he replied "All I did was quote the book."[12] This lead to long and entertaining exchanges in which Boutin would be demonstrated to be lying, and he would argue that he "obviously" never said things which he hadn't been accused of saying to begin with.[13] To date, he has not acknowledged his arrogance in presuming to speak for a long-dead author. (In fact, he upped the ante by passingly suggesting that Shakespeare would also love his book.) Indeed, in response to one commenter asking "How can you just quote the book while, at the same time, say Dickens would be proud of you?", Boutin responded "Explain the conflict. ( this should be good! )"[14] Other than that, he simply refuses to engage on the topic, either dismissing it as "boring! Boring!"[15] or otherwise calling anyone who brings it up an "internet troll", waving it away as a "made-up controversy", and or claiming that it "makes no sense"[16].

Pot and Kettle[]

Norman Boutin is fond of calling his critics liars. Oftentimes he does so when a person has simply misunderstood something in his book which he didn't explain. Other times, he will simply call them liars with absolutely no substantiation. As has been seen, there are times where Norman Boutin can be shown to have lied, therefore his accusations come across more as projection than legitimate charges.


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