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Norman Boutin's use of English grammar and diction has befuddled many. This does not refer to the typos within Empress Theresa itself, but in his dealings with critics online, and his internet comments in general. While typos are nothing new to the internet, Norman's awkward phrasings suggest to his critics that he does not read much, if at all. Others give the impression that he came across a phrase once, and repeatedly invokes it as a kind of incantation, imposing upon reality his preferred interpretation.


At times, Norman uses expressions that give the impression that English is not his first language, e.g. saying of Empress Theresa that "It is a beautiful story in how Theresa deals with her 'impossible problems' and how people react to her. It is full of meanings..."[1] ("Beautiful and full of meanings" became one of his frequently-repeated brag lines for a time, around the end of 2014.) This would later be revealed to be true as he mentioned in one of his Amazon reviews that he did not learn English until he went to school and that French is his first language.

Whilst fighting critics on Amazon, Norman called them "hit and run commentators."[2] This would imply that the people with whom he was speaking had made one comment and then run off - yet the vast majority of the people Norman debates with on Amazon regularly respond to him. This would not make them "hit and run" commentators.

While discussing the firemen coming to Theresa's neighborhood, Norman says that "they seem to stick around until hell freezes over."[3] However, til hell freezes over is a phrase which means "never; not in this lifetime or a time in the unforeseeably distant future; not a chance."[4] Norman means something more like "until the cows come home," that is, something which signifies a long time.


One of the most peculiar misspellings from Norman is writing "huh" as "hunh". He has even written "uh huh" as "un hunh".[5] Why he does this is uncertain for sure. It would be a reasonable spelling for 'huh' in his native language and accent, however.


While attacking critics, Norman wrote, "The trivial comments by the people around here is embarrassing for intelligent people everywhere."[6] As was pointed out by critics afterward,[7][8] this is an improper use of a plural noun with a singular verb: it should read "are embarrassing."


Norman's first language is French[9], and learned English at school.


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