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Norman Wilfrid Boutin (born October 17, 1948) is an idiotic indie "author" from New England and writer of the self-published Empress Theresa. He has gained infamy among writers and reviewers alike for his book, as well as his inability to handle any form of criticism. He has also exposed himself as a good old-fashioned racist.

Norman's book has been on multiple websites making fun of it.

Because he enjoys talking about himself so much, he has willingly provided much information on his background and history.


Note: from this point onwards, much of the information listed comes from Norman's personal testimony, and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

Norman Boutin was born on October 17, 1948.[1] He considers himself "Franco-American," with great grandparents from Québec.[2] He has spoken of how when "[he] was a little boy the French were still being sneered at as dumb frogs who could only work jobs in the textile mills which drew [his people] down here from [their] miserable Québec farms in the first place."[3] He didn't learn English until he started going to school.[4]

According to a November 6, 2020 post in an Amazon review thread he attended a catholic school from kindergarten to 12th grade. "We had plenty of religious instruction." However it is still unclear what sort of curriculum he completed or his level of academic achievement.

At some point in his life, he served in the army. During this time, he was stationed in Germany.[5] He spent three years there in a German apartment building.[6] He claims to have been a captain in the army.[7] However, as of 29 August 2019 a search of USAFE (Unites States Armed Forces Europe) archives, the command under which he would have served, failed to find any record of his time there. It would appear that he has simply lied about his service in an attempt to garner either sympathy or respect from others.

Around the 1970's, he worked in a factory.[8]

On March 1, 1978, Norman Boutin was granted a dental license by the State of Maine. It lapsed on December 31, 1980. According to the State of Maine's website, the reason given was "Failure to Renew".[9]

In 1980, Boutin was a dentist in the US Army stationed in Germany, and claims that his dental assistant "was arrested for being the post's largest heroin dealer". He claimed the assistant was making one hundred thousand dollars a year.[10]

Around 1994, Norman received "the kernel of an idea"[11][12] for a story that would later become Empress Theresa.

On September 18, 2002, Norman made public an article he had written entitled Joan of Arc's Death: from Heat Stroke.[13]

In October of 2009, Norman began writing Empress Theresa.[14][15] On January 3, 2010, the first draft of Empress Theresa was finished.[16]

As of 2011, he was living in southern Maine,[17] specifically Biddeford, Maine, and was attending Saint Joseph's Catholic Church.[18]

As of 2013, he was living with his brother and sister in the same house.[19] In this same year, he published Empress Theresa on Kindle, and indie published it in print format in March the following year.[20]

Personal Life[]

Boutin currently works twelve hours a week as a cashier.[21] He claims that "diabetes ended my traveling years ago".[22]

Norman Boutin has openly claimed that he was "a handsome devil" when he was younger, and was regularly chased by women, but never married because he had "seen so many marriages fail" (which is at least somewhat understandable as a lot of marriages do indeed end in divorce), and because all women gain weight as they age.[23]


Norman claims[24] to have three degrees:

  • "Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, BS, Univ of Maine in Orono"
  • "Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN, Univ of Southern Maine" [Possibly around 1995[25] or 1998[26]]
  • "Doctor of Dental Medicine, DMD (same as DDS), Tufts Dental, Boston"

He has also claimed to have been "a computer programmer for eight years". He claims to have an IQ of 136.[27]

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