So, Amazon has blocked Norman Boutin's account from making any comments on reviews posted on Amazon.

Thus, when he dislikes a review comment, he has no recourse to educate his loyal readership on what, exactly, is wrong with the review.

Or almost no recourse.

He has managed to edit a review posted "on March 18, 2014"

It's a five-star review, and Norman is a 'verified purchaser' of his own book.

His review has an


Somebody wrote this 'review' on June 13, 2017;

This is the single worst book I've ever read. I didn't buy it, because you don't deserve money. I downloaded a free version and slogged through the perverse, lewd, disgusting Christian propaganda that is this book.
Please just... never write anything ever again. Ever.

Well, that says it all, doesn't it? These people hate the book because they hate anything that has anything to do with God. You saw his words.
It seems that Amazon allows people a free look at the KINDLE edition. This permits people like this penny pinching non-believer to write trash reviews.  That stops now. I'm deleting the KINDLE edition.

The rest of the review is Norman's usual sermon about all the good details one can find in Empress Theresa, all of which has been refuted by a number of his critics.

Norman has circumvented a ban on review comments, by posting a 'review' that only exists to cast aspersions on all his critics.

It's very much in his character that he ignored, or didn't see, the commens about his book being lewd, perverse, or disgusting, and only saw an attack upon his faith.  And his assumption that anyone criticizing his faith is a non-believer is also something of a habit.

He's also apparently unaware that as the author of Empress Theresa, he does get money from people reading the 'free' copy of his electronic edition.  He gets a tiny share of the global fund for each page read this way.  So he has cut off his nose to spite his own face.  He's violated the guidelines in reviewing his own work, and in posting a snide attack upon his critic.

Standard Norman.

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