The Janitor Woman is an unnamed, unknown individual who Norman Boutin claims read and liked Empress Theresa.

The entire story, according to Norman:

About five weeks ago, I lent a copy to a middle aged woman who's a janitor. She finished it and told me it was very will written. She liked that it didn't have big words. That it, it used plain English, as it would have to since it's narrated in the first person voice of eighteen year old Theresa. She asked to buy the book and had me autograph it. She says she's going to give it to her godchild, a 29 year old woman with drug abuse problems and things like that. She says her grandchild is like Theresa. By that, I think she means Theresa dealt with problems. Theresa's problem are not personal but imposed on her from the outside. But apparently the woman thinks her godchild will be inspired to deal with her problems too.[1]

Norman said in a follow up post that the woman read "John Grisham novels and many other things."[2]

Much like the story of the university curriculum coordinator, Norman used this tale against his critics in an attempt to make them look foolish.[3] Because of the dubious nature of the coordinator story, many critics immediately presumed that Norman had made up the janitor woman as well.[4][5][6][7]

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