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Jack Koster is Theresa's first boyfriend (and second in her life) in Boston College. He comes from near New York City, and is the son of a "specialty food store" owner.[1] His major is history, though he has no passion for his schoolwork.[2] He is described as a "genuinely nice guy" and "a good talker."[3]

Role in the Story[]

Theresa first meets Jack while having lunch with friends. She nicknames him "Mr. Fastmove" because he readily sits down next to her and starts a conversation. He recognizes Theresa because she "had been on television a lot" from her time in baseball.[4] They start to hang out at lunch more often, and eventually enter a relationship. Theresa admits that they weren't "compatible enough for a lifetime commitment,"[5] and Theresa later admits that they "just hung around together to have a social life."[6]

While going to visit Jack at a Friday night party, Theresa finds him with Ginny, who turns out to be his old girlfriend. Jack explains that Ginny dropped in by surprise, and tells Theresa that she'll be up in a few minutes. Theresa dresses in a sexy outfit to make Jack jealous, but Steve comes in the room instead. Steve and Theresa head back downstairs, where Theresa lets Ginny know she can have Jack.

Later on, when Theresa becomes rich and famous, she ponders to herself, "I wondered what my old BC boyfriend Jack Koster was thinking of all this!"[7] She even thinks, in a snarky way, "Theresa calling Jack. How are you doing with Ginny?"[8]


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