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The F-22 Raptor is a single-seat, twin-engine fighter aircraft designed by Lockheed Martin.[1] Over 195 were built between 1996 and 2011, and the plane is still in service in the United States Air Force.

A remote-controlled F-22 is used in Theresa's near execution, where an atomic bomb on the plane is to detonate at a certain height, killing both Theresa and HAL, which was launched off of the USS Ronald Reagan.

Role in the Story Edit

After landing on the USS Ronald Reagan and meeting the officers, Theresa is tied into the remote-controlled F-22 armed with an atomic bomb. It is shot up, intending to blow up at 60,000 feet. At around 55,000 feet, Theresa breaks open the F-22 and jumps out, after which the jet explodes.[2]

Problems Edit

The F-22 is, in fact, not designed for carrier operations. Should there even be a way for the catapult to be connected, it would tear the front landing gear off when activated. It is used by the United States air force, not the United States navy.[3] The USS Ronald Reagan actually carries Super Hornet jets.[4][5]

Nor does it have the capability to house even the smallest of nuclear warheads. This is a technical problem that could be overcome, but only raises more questions as it is never addressed.

References Edit

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