The Execution of Theresa Sullivan was an event in Norman Boutin's Empress Theresa in which the title character is placed in a remote controlled F-22 Raptor and almost blown up by an atomic bomb.

In the Story Edit

Due to the uncertain nature of HAL,[1] American President William Martin declares Theresa a clear and present danger to the country,[2] and decides to execute her in a remote controlled F-22 Raptor, which would rise up to 60,000 feet and detonate an atomic bomb. Agents kidnap Theresa on her way to the grocery store, flying her out to the USS Ronald Reagan, where she is placed in the jet and sent off into the air. Theresa breaks out of her binding, then uses her super strength to open up the jet cockpit around 57,000 feet. The bomb goes off soon after. When she belly flops on the ocean, Theresa is kept afloat by eleven Coca-Cola bottles which the guards permitted her to lug around, even into the jet itself.

A cell phone video of Theresa's last public words goes viral, turning her into something of a martyr.[3] William Martin later repents of what he has done,[4] which at the time seemed like a good idea, and commits suicide.[5]

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