A rewrite of selected chapters of Empress Theresa was attempted. Norman constantly asserts that the main (or only) motivations that drives his critics is their jealousy over the perfection that is ET. Many of his critics are writers, including published professionals, though. One critic attempted to rewrite ET itself, using the 'peek inside' chapters Norman has made available on his website. The goal was to show that he could write Norman's OWN STORY better than Norman, thus the accusation of jealousy was sour grapes on Norman's part.

Not Empressed covers chapter 1 and chapter 4 of the freely-available chapters on Norman's site. We'll call it 'fanfiction.'

It was hosted on DeviantArt [1] with links made available to the still-active commenters on the Amazon page for ET.

Reviews were generally positive. Norman pretended not to know it existed, then tried to trash it mostly by comparing it directly to ET and finding that it was different.

Some time after that, activity was greatly reduced on the Amazon site. Norman had the last word and no one responded. After no one spoke with him for two days, he created a DeviantArt account for the sole purpose of belittling the Not Empressed story, author, all of DeviantArt and every single person who spends time on DA.

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