Alice Pizza is a pizza restaurant in Framingham, MA. It is mentioned a few times in Empress Theresa.

There actually exists no such place called "Alice Pizza" in Framingham; there is an Andrea's Pizzeria & Grill, and which does deliver.[1] An Alice Pizza does exist in Paris, France.[2] In an interview, Norman Boutin made mention of an "Alex Pizza" in his "hometown,"[3] and there does exist an Alex Pizza in West Warwick, RI.[4] Norman was more than likely making reference to this place in his book, but changed "Alex" to "Alice."

Role in the Story Edit

When OOPS begins to monitor Theresa, she calls the operator and asks for the number for Alice Pizza. When she gets the number, she concludes that they aren't listening in on her. The next day she calls the operator, asks for the number for Alice Pizza, and this time doesn't receive a number. She concludes that they are now listening in on her. Why she concludes this from the operator's behavior is never explained, especially since law enforcement agencies are routinely able to "listen in" on conversations in the modern day. If someone being wire tapped were to call and ask for a number from information, they would receive the number. Why OOPS is unable to do the same is never explained either.

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