Admiral Ruck (no first name is ever given) is the captain of the USS Ronald Reagan during Theresa's execution.[1]

Role in the Story Edit

After deciding to execute Theresa Sullivan, due to her bonding with HAL and the potential danger therein, President William Martin asks for Admiral Ruck to come personally to the White House to discuss the matter. There, Ruck is told that Theresa is a "clear and present danger" to the country, and that she cannot be allowed "to endanger three hundred million Americans."[2] The plan with the atomic bomb is then explained, which Ruck accepts but with the stipulation he "didn't like it."[3]

Ruck brings the USS Ronald Reagan around South American into the Atlantic, with the F-22 prepared. Theresa is brought to his ship, and brought before the officers beforehand. Ruck has the female officers present because he "thought the condemned man deserved a last look at females."[4] Afterward, the F-22 is sent off with the bomb, though she escapes. Ruck throws the one recording of Theresa into the woman,[5] though the internet recording comes out.

During the congressional hearing concerning Theresa's execution, Ruck is called before the Senate Armed Services Committee, where he explains that he hadn't realized until her arrival that the executed was to be a young woman.[6] After the testimony, Ruck is no longer heard from in the story's narrative.

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